YATA Extension Program

 The TMJ Young Artist Training Academy (YATA) is the official school of the TMJ Dance Project. YATA Extension Program brings the curriculum and training quality of our academy to neighborhoods where is there is no dance training opportunities. This tuition-free program provides technical dance training to children in low-income living communities and is facilitated in partnership with host community resource centers and enrichment organizations. 

This mission of YATA Extension is to provide students with dance education and skill training that will foster a thriving career in the field of dance at large.

The objectives of YATA Extension are to:

  • Cultivate student artist relationships through social-emotional learning (SEL) practices that create a safe learning environment.

  • Discover cultural identity through the investigation of global contributions to the art of dance.

  • Implement a conservatory approach to dance education and training.

YATA Extension aims to achieve the following student artist outcomes:

  • Demonstration of enhanced self-awareness & self-management when engaging with others.

  • Demonstration of enhanced technical skill and knowledge in select genres of dance.

  • 100% student acceptance into international and domestic summer dance training programs and higher education programs.


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E: info@tmjdanceproject.org