Being a TMJDP Volunteer is more than lending a helping hand. It's showing the world that you care about our future and that you are investing your time and energy into the uplift of humanity.

Our Volunteers are more than "helpers".  They are "care givers".  When you become a TMJDP Volunteer you will join a culture of change makers that we call our I CARE TEAM!

Our I CARE TEAM is organized into three (3) committees as follows:


Organizational Support -  a committee of dedicated urban professionals who donate their time to impact organizational development by providing support in:

*Administrative Task & Daily Operations
*Fundraising & Event Planning
*Marketing & Public Relations
*Website Development
*Legal Aid


Student Artists Support -  a committee of leaders & mentors that actively engage with student artists during organizational programming by providing instructional aid support.

Members of this committee must complete a criminal background check before engaging with student artists.


Family Support -  is a committee of community advocates that aid in providing resource support for family needs including:

*Transportation support (TMJDP classes, events, performances).
*Domestic household supply support.
*Food & Nutrition Support
*Adult resource support



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