The Official School of the TMJ Dance Project

YATA is a low-cost dance training academy that provides children in middle and low-income families with access and inclusion in quality dance training to impact the opportunity gap [1] in the art of dance.

This mission of YATA is to provide students with dance education and skill training that will foster a thriving career in the field of dance at large.

The objectives of YATA are to:

  • Cultivate student artist relationships through social-emotional learning (SEL) practices that create a safe learning environment.

  • Discover cultural identity through the investigation of global contributions to the art of dance.

  • Implement a conservatory approach to dance education and training.

YATA aims to achieve the following student artist outcomes:

  • Demonstration of enhanced self-awareness & self-management when engaging with others.

  • Demonstration of enhanced technical skill and knowledge in select genres of dance.

  • 100% student acceptance into international and domestic summer dance training programs and higher education programs.


[1] Refers to the ways in which race, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, English proficiency, commonwealth, familial situations, or other factors that contribute to or lower educational aspirations, achievement, and attainment for a certain group of students. Unequal or inequitable distribution of resources and opportunities.

TMJ YATA is located at:

Urban Arts Center

807 Hutchins Road

Dallas,TX 75203

2020 - 2021 YATA Registration

08/03/20 - 06/04/21

Click here for 2020-2021 YATA Registration Information Packet.


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T: 972-850-8487